Trend Beyond Colours

Collection of 2022-23


is a collective movement to ready us
for what lies ahead, to draw a line,
and simply start all over again.

In this 2022-2023 instalment, we encourage industries and communities to break free from the shackles of the past and start afresh. In being driven by our innate emotions we highlight the need for genuine human connections. Colours are a universal language and an extremely powerful tool to bring people of all backgrounds and lifestyles together, across the globe.

In these coming chapters

We explore four influences and trend stories shaping the future of how we’ll interact with colours through spatial design and other creative aspects of life. RESET sets the tone for us to select colour palettes that resonate with our state of mind and perspective of the world.

From within, we express an appreciation for nature and wellbeing through the play of colours. In interacting with others, colours inspire us to be mindful and genuine in building meaningful connections.


What is our inspiration and influences
for 2022-23 ?

Healing Nature

Create a healthy home with
the power of nature.

A better understanding of the positive impact of nature upon our health is influencing how we picture healthy living and working environments. A growing consideration for the welfare of the planet ensures that we combine this with a more sustainable approach.

Total Wellbeing

Balance mind, body and spirit
with environments that support
whole wellbeing.

To achieve mind, body and spirit balance we take a 360° view of our health. As we track our nutrition and fitness and even our sleep and recovery, we welcome restorative spaces that rebalance our whole being.

Better Together

It’s time to celebrate
the joy of reconnection.

We are social beings; whether we’re collaborating at work, creating lasting memories with family, or simply passing the time with friends. Having been separated from each other we are drawn to spaces that we can share and appreciate together.

Meaningful Moments

Take a moment to appreciate
life’s simple pleasures.

With an increasingly fast pace, the demands of everyday life can easily leave us with no time to ourselves. Practicing mindfulness and allowing time to reflect inspires us to seek environments that bring us moments of delight.




Forecasting and setting colour trends is a sophis-ticated work of science, creativity and inspiration. In collaboration with Nippon Paint and Colour Hive, the third instalment of Trend Beyond Colours 2022/2023 progresses our development of a holistic inspirational guide for the world. There has been a shift in behaviour across the world in the past year in response to global events that has encouraged us to see the world in a brandnew light.



Let nature in...

From glorious sunrises to the sound of leaves in the breeze, or the sweet scent of a fresh flower, nature stimulates all of our senses. The familiar colours of the natural landscape have the power to restore our spirits and improve our health, and this is the inspiration for REVIVE. Here, we discover how to bring all of the benefits of nature into your home.

Key colour

: AC 2119A

Being able to spend time with nature is integral to our wellbeing, making greens a vital colour for health. Inspired by cool jungle canopies and the fresh scent of leafy plants, we represent the beauty of verdant nature with a singular lush hue, Dark Green.

Did you know how to mix this colour?

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Colour story #1


Natural greens work beautifully in the home simply because they are so familiar. Froggy’s Leaf feels refreshing, while the more vibrant Green Point makes a beautiful feature wall. For cosy spaces and a restful mood, our key colour, deep Dark Green has the tranquility of a shaded leafy canopy.

Colour story #2


Take a trip to the sunny side of nature with the warm white of Lemon Zest, the soft golden tone of Old Mat and uplifting Secret Superstar. These mellow yellows pair beautifully with natural textiles and handcrafted home accessories in muted shades.

Colour story #3


Be inspired by the rich and grounding warmth of Roxbury Brown with the perfect neutral balance of Lemon Zest and cool grey Skyscraper. In alcoves or as a feature wall, this earthy brown brings definition and cosiness to a neutral room.



Be calm...

Modern living is hectic, and the world both inside and outside our homes can be noisy and overs-timulating. To offset these effects, we should look to restorative spaces with gentle, nature inspired colours and textures that soothe. In RESTORE we explore how to enhance our wellbeing with a personal haven of calm and tranquillity.

Key colour

: R 2386P

What could be more grounding and soothing than colours inspired by the earth? Here, with the shaded pink of Vintage Vase, we have found the perfect, delicate clay inspired tone to reflect the need for gentle, restorative colours.

Did you know how to mix this colour?

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Colour story #1


This fresh colour combination uplifts without overpowering. Ivory Stone is a clean, warm neutral that harmonises with the muted clay tone of Vintage Vase, while Evasive Yellow brings a soft luminescence to bring light to any room.

Colour story #2


Discover the calm simplicity of a monochrome inspired scheme with a trio of delicate Ash White, moody Gray Slate and the easy warm neutral Woven Straw. This graphic combination is ideal for defining spaces, accenting furniture and creating stylish feature walls.

Colour story #3


The warm neutral duo of mid-tone Chic Gray and deep Dark Horizon balance beautifully with the shaded coolness of Gray Slate. Together, they reflect a gentle urban mood and pair perfectly with natural woods and textiles.



Have a good time...

In RECONNECT we focus on how to use colour to create joyful and harmonious social environments. The key is in a balance of welcoming natural hues, cheerful mid-tones and invigorating accent colours. These are colours to make us smile, start a conversation, and bring us back together again.

Key colour

: BGG 1721T

Take a joyful yellow and soften with a touch of natural green and you have Dried Palm, a sociable colour to unite us. Designed as a versatile mixer, this is a hue that can be a quiet canvas for bright accents, or the centre of attention in a neutral space.

Did you know how to mix this colour?

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Colour story #1


The soft yellow-green Dried Palm and rich blue-green of Green Gable come together in a natural harmony to create a balanced colour scheme. A softening touch of warm neutral Old Photo creates the perfect link to natural wood flooring and furniture.

Colour story #2


Instantly uplifting; bring a smile to everyone’s face with this modern pastel mix. Lilac Soulmate cools sunny rooms while lively Zinnia Scent is a perfect conversation starter, and Dried Palm is always welcoming in any space.

Colour story #3


Discover a sophisticated take on a classic primary colour combination with creamy Picket Fences, bright Watermelon Lolly red and the glowing Blue Star. Here, it’s about using clever colour accents to define spaces or create a feature of furniture or single walls.



Indulge yourself...

In REFLECT we allow ourselves time to truly appreciate the small things that bring us joy. From nature’s precious gifts to the reassurance of everyday rituals, we reflect these in a balance of rich indulgent hues, soft mid-tones and ethereal pales.

Key colour

: YO 1169D

Rich and comforting and inspired by the precious mineral, Capitol’s Gold is a colour for pure indulgence. With mellow warmth and a touch of brilliance, this truly immersive hue will inspire meaningful moments of reflection.

Did you know how to mix this colour?

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Colour story #1


Enhance the rich Capitol’s Gold with touches of deep red Rosy Dreams. This luxurious red is an elegant choice for smaller naturally dark spaces. Choose delicate Plaster White as the neutral to harmonise with these deeper tones.

Colour story #2


This beautiful combination is designed to reflect light into your space. The clean peachy tone of Beauty Cream is softened with cosy neutral Truffle Dip and a touch of glowing Sedona Stone adds a warming accent.

Colour story #3


Lose yourself in a sea of blue and create a calming immersive space with deep Far and Beyond, or an uplifting mood with clear Wind Glider. Plaster White is the perfect partner to both of these beautiful blues.


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With this in mind, we have curated key colours from each of the four stories to help illustrate the essence of your creativity. We look forward to playing an imperative role helping you shape the world through heartful, relevant design and colour solutions.

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